Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gaga over Gaga

Well I have been put to the task!!  My best friend Christian is a huge Lady Gaga fan, and has asked if I could critique her latest music Video, Marry the Night.

 Of course, we all know Gaga (Or do we?)  With the crazy meat dresses, jumping from Alejandro to Judas, and her alter ego Jo Calderone -- who knows what to expect next from the New York City native.  She has made headlines and caused quite a commotion since hitting the big time back in 2008 with her bar hoppin' hit, Just Dance.

Marry the Night is quite a longgg music video, but I am up for the challenge.  Christian is not the only Gaga fan however.  Yes, readers, that's right! I am one too!  And by far, my favorite song of hers is You and I.  So not only will it be one, but TWO Gaga Video Reviews!!  Forget the Bieber-fever, we are all Gushing over Gaga, and we don't need a reason why.  Below I have posted the two videos for you viewing leisure, but you can also click on the links if you feel ambitious to check out the rest of her songs.  Click my sign out to leave me an e-mail letting me know what you want to hear.

Check in for my reviews on Marry the Night and You and I, they will be coming shortly.  But as for now, I got to get back to class.

You know you wanna hear it.

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